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About Havin' Fun and Riddin' Free
If you can keep the wind in your face, and the bugs off your chin, with the greasy side down, your ready to begin.... "See ya Down The Road"

About Saving In Gas Money
As someone always low in funds, I've learned a few things about saving money on gas: First, make sure you service your car regularly. If your engine isn't working properly, you're losing money on gas. Also, if your tires aren't aligned or filled with the proper amount of air, then you aren't getting optimal gas mileage. Another reason why your car may be guzzling gas is your driving habits. Do you speed? Go to drive-throughs instead of going inside? Run your AC at all times? Constantly run errands? A little planning can save you gas--do all of your errands at one time, and don't do them during busy driving times, where you may idle at stoplights for a larger amount of time.

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